Sex-stratified sample sizes for gnomAD v3 nfe population

I’m analyzing gnomAD v3 data and need the sample sizes for females and males in the nfe population. Could you provide that information, or point me to a resource where I can find sample sizes for each sex in each population?
Thank you very much,
Dr. Brian Spitzer

For v3 genomes, we have 19686 XX samples and 14343 XY samples in NFE genetic ancestry group. Please stay tuned, we’re updating our stats page for gnomAD v4 to include the callset stats breaking down by sex and genetic ancestry groups. gnomad v4 have all v3 genomes plus additional HGDP/TGP samples. The number of XX and XY samples in NFE genomes stays the same in v4.

Thank you for your prompt reply!