Number of NFE male individuals in v2.1.1

I am searching for a statistic that I was seeing some time ago that disappeared from your website (or that I cannot find anymore for some other reason). I need to know the total number of men contained in the subset of non-finnish european exomes in gnomad v2.1.1.
I am working in male fertility research, which is why I am specifically interested in male variants. My analysis uses burden testing of male infertility-related variants with the help of gnomAD as a control data set.

@Erik_Schuftan Short answer is: there are 31,805 XY samples in NFE in gnomAD v2 exomes.
We are updating our stats page soon to include the callset stats breaking down by sex and by genetic ancestry for v4, and v4 exomes is a larger reference compared to v2, if you’re considering using our latest release.