gnomAD v4 genome and exome sample counts per genetic ancestry groups


Is there already somewhere a table summarizing the exome + genome counts per ancestry group? In the statistics page and blog, there are the total numbers for the genetic ancestry groups. Or are genomes directly from v3? Then utilizing the total sample count per ancestry group from v4 and genome sample counts from v3, one could count the exome sample count for v4.

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Hi Eveliina,
Thank you for your question. While the v3 genomes are the v4 genomes the numbers did change slightly between versions so you can’t pull the numbers from the chart on the stats page. I have put together a table with the numbers for you below.

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Greatly appreciated! As a Finnish clinician/researcher, would you be able to provide the counts for Finns regarding exomes/genomes split?

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Yes, in v4 there were 5,316 Finnish genomes and 26,710 Finnish exomes.

Thanks Samantha!