What is the total size of each ancestry group in v4?

For previous versions, we were able to see the total possible size of each ancestry group, including smaller sub-groups such as “Bulgarian” for v2. I had the page with this info bookmarked (gnomAD), but it is no longer available. I see some of this data is included in the v4 stats page (https://gnomad.broadinstitute.org/stats#diversity), but some info is missing since the Amish and Finnish groups were lumped with ENF and RMI. Where can we find the complete set of data for the size of each ancestry group in all versions?

@gm-bee For v4.0 MVP, we only have the genetic ancestry groups you can find on the stats page, the sub-genetic ancestry groups is one of our post-v4 priorities. Here you can see the 2nd FAQ on what features are not available yet: gnomAD. FYI, we don’t have sub-genetic ancestry groups in v3 releases except for the HGDP/TGP subsets.

Thank you, Qin.
Would it be possible to restore the information on the size of gene ancestry group that was available for v2 and v3?
Regarding the data for v4 on the ‘stats’ page, would it be possible to split out the Finnish and Amish groups so that we can correlate with the data shown for individual variants?


All of the v4 genetic ancestry groups and their associated sample counts are listed further down on the Stats page: https://gnomad.broadinstitute.org/stats#study-provided-labels (first two columns of this table).

This information is also still available for v2 and v3 on this help page: gnomAD. To display the counts for v2/3, click on the “Expand to see details for past versions” dropdown.


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Thank you so much (and sorry for not seeing that other table on the stats page)!
One more thing - is there data on how many XX vs XY individuals are included in v4?

nvm. it’s here: https://gnomad.broadinstitute.org/stats#study-provided-labels:~:text=Individuals-,Sex,400%2C897%20XY%20individuals,-To%20learn%20more