Will there be a V4 non-cancer

I don’t see this question was asked already. Will there be a V4 screened for cancer?

It would be great to hear from the gnomAD team about next future plans on this topic.
For gnomAD v.4.0, this section might be relevant for you: gnomAD v4.0 | gnomAD browser

No. As Javier already linked, we explain this in the v4 release blog:

We have removed support for subsets from the gnomAD v4 exomes for two major reasons: given the large size of gnomAD v4 and the small size of any single cohort, we do not feel that the prevalence of any disease is high enough to warrant subsets. In addition, there is increased inclusion of biobank samples, and we do not have concise phenotype metadata for these and many other gnomAD samples, so we cannot ensure that samples in a non-disease subset do not have the specified disease.