Unmatched CRC32 values of GnomAD V4 Structural variants VCF files

I recently download structural variants VCF files from Google Cloud with the command as follow:

I have successfully and completely downloaded all the files. But then I checked the CRC32 values of the VCF files, they were not consistent with the values provided on the download page. I have redownload the files again, the CRC32 values of files from the two download times are the same, but different from the web page. The CRC32 tool is from package perl-Archive-Zip.

So I doubt whether the CRC32 values on the download page were correct or Whether I downloaded the files incomplete or my CRC32 calculation method is incorrect.

Anybody have met the same question or anybody have the consisent CRC32 values, let me know.

Thank you for your reply.

Hiya! Thanks for bringing this up.

This is a mistake on our end, the checksums listed on the downloads page are actually CRC32C checksums, not CRC32. My apologies, I’ll get a patch in that will correct that on the download page.

After a quick double check, those are the correct CRC32C checksums, so you can verify the intergrity of your local copies of the files by computing the checksum using the CRC32C algorithm locally. The mistake is that the download page incorrectly states what type of checksums the values are.