Number of variants in each vcf file

Hi all,
in order to validate our postprocessing of gnomad vcf files for all releases (v2.1.1, v3.1.2, v4.1.0) it would be extremely helpful to have a table with the number of variants in each original vcf file. Of course I can count the number of non-header lines myself but as the files are huge and on cloud storage this is a matter of days :see_no_evil:
I did the task for v4.1.0 genomes but would be very happy if I don’t need to do it for the other versions/cohorts

chr1    59160006
chr2    62931878
chr3    51235008
chr4    50142330
chr5    46410785
chr6    43703160
chr7    42466679
chr8    39939308
chr9    33833698
chr10   35497598
chr11   35080671
chr12   34332175
chr13   24993777
chr14   23568672
chr15   22225848
chr16   24719921
chr17   21944455
chr18   19467717
chr19   17293274
chr20   16355695
chr21   10958898
chr22   11608143
chrX    30297561
chrY    1169063