SV genotype quality threshold

Dear gnomAD people,

Thank you very much for offering this forum and for your responsiveness to the questions asked, which is of great help to everyone.

Maybe I didn’t search well enough, but I couldn’t find where you explain in detail what you base your assessment of the quality of SV genotyping on.
Could you indicate what criteria you take into account or tell us where you are explaining it?

Do you have a threshold below which you would no longer consider a particular SV due to a too poor calling quality?

Can you tell us what is the average genotype quality for all SVs present in gnomAD v4 ?

A current example we are dealing with is the multiple deletions in the proximal part of the SHANK3 gene with a low genotype quality :
and part of DEL_CHR22_62DEF806

Thank you very much for your help!

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