Hail utilities for gnomAD requires ga4gh.vrs[extras]==0.8.4

Hi gnomAD community, I just received this message from a gnomAD user in the Karczewski lab. He encountered problems posting more than two links as a first-time user, and so asked me to make the post on his behalf:

Hail utilities for gnomAD requires ga4gh.vrs 0.8.4 for adding vrs annotations, which in turn requires jsonschema<4. This conflicts with commonly used packages like Jupyter Lab.

The dependency on jsonschema<4 has been removed from ga4gh.vrs, but only in the experimental 2.x branch which uses a newer version of vrs. Can we transition to this newer version once it is released or is the solution in getting the dependency removed from ga4gh.vrs 0.8?