GroupMax values missing for a lot of variants

I’d like to understand why GroupMax values are missing for so many variants. For example, among the >5000 BRCA2 variants in gnomAD, nearly 3000 have GrpMax missing. Most variants are exceedingly rare, leading me to think missing GrpMax values were actually meant to be ‘zero’. For those variants with at least 4 observations, I found some cases where the variant was only present in populations not considered in GrpMax calculation or variants with warnings about coverage in <50% of exomes. This again made me think missing values were actually zero. But then I found a variant with 40 observations in the European subset and GrpMax was still missing. I am hesitant to move my analysts over to using GrpMax until I understand better why so many values are missing. Thanks!

The new release of gnomAD V4.1 resolved some of these. Now it looks like the only remaining missing GrpMax values are meant to be zero. Thx

thank you for updating here – this will help any other users that have the same question about v4.0!