Variant allele frequency versus population frequency

I have downloaded vcf file for chromosome 1 from gnomad v3.1.2 from which I did subset biobank/controls samples (non-finnish) .

For each variant, I want to compare my gnomAD vcf with vcf files of colon cancer patients for the same Genomic coordinates to see if I have more variants in Cancer patients that gnomAD as a control.

For my comparision, shall I use variant allele frequency (AF) ### column in my gnomAD aata or I must calculate population frequency by this formula AC-nhomo/(AN/2) ???

I read

Allele frequency is NOT equivalent to the percentage of individuals that carry the allele, but is a suitable value for expressing the frequency of a variant in the general population. The number of individuals carrying a variant will depend on the number of heterozygous and homozygous individuals but can be calculated from the data provided in the variant table.

Please, somebody help me with this definitions


The gnomAD production team is a small team with limited bandwidth, and we are unable to provide bioinformatics support.

Note that we defined variant allele frequency in the Genetic ancestry blog post:

A variant’s frequency is defined by the number of copies of an allele divided by the total number of chromosomes examined.